Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier (Whole Show)

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WARNING: 'Twisted' contains adult language. From the creators of 'A Very Potter Musical' and 'Holy Musical B@man!', comes 'Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier.' Hop on your flying carpet, because this musical parody retells the classic tale of Aladdin... from the villain's point of view! Long ago in a Magic Kingdom, one misunderstood Royal Vizier will go on a quest to save his city from its bumbling sultan, an invading prince, and the most notorious thief to ever live! With the help of the Kingdom's free-spirited, teenage Princess, the Vizier must find a magical lamp containing a wish-granting Djinn (who's really funny, by the way) and defeat the city's most-wanted criminal... Aladdin! This musical adventure celebrates and lovingly pokes fun at everyone's favorite series of hand-drawn, animated films. 'Twisted' features story & script by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Eric Kahn Gale. With music by A.J. Holmes and lyrics by Kaley McMahon. It is directed by Brian Holden. Visit to purchase the dvd and merchandise! Download the album at And get sheet music for the show at Below is a Chapter List (incase you'd like to skip to a specific scene or song; songs in "quotes"): Act 1 1 - Prologue - 00:00:00 2 - "Dream A Little Harder" - 00:01:15 3 - In The Marketplace - 00:06:57 4 - "I Steal Everything" - 00:11:09 5 - Prince Achmed - 00:15:55 6 - "Everything And More" - 00:21:59 7 - The 2D Department - 00:25:50 8 - "Sands Of Time" - 00:27:35 9 - "The Golden Rule" - 00:29:05 10 - "The Golden Rule (Evil Reprise)" - 00:32:24 11 - Sherrezade - 00:36:00 12 - "A Thousand and One Nights" - 00:39:28 13 - The Sultan - 00:45:15 14 - "If I Believed" - 00:50:00 15 - Aladdin's Apartment - 00:53:08 16 - "Orphaned at Thirty-Three" - 00:55:35 17 - Search For The Tiger-Head Cave - 01:01:47 18 - "Happy Ending" - 01:06:05 Act 2 1 - Tiger-Fucker - 01:10:50 2 - "No One Remembers Achmed" - 01:14:06 3 - What's Up? Are You Mad At Me? - 01:18:06 4 - Did Somebody Order A Prince? - 01:23:35 5 - "Take Off Your Clothes" - 01:27:55 6 - This Guy's A Sorcerer - 01:31:20 7 - "Twisted" - 01:36:01 8 - The Djinn - 01:44:11 9 - The Battle - 01:50:53 10 - You're The Guy That Killed My Parents - 01:53:00 11 - "The Power In Me" - 02:00:40 12 - Everyone's A Princess - 02:04:37 13 - In The Lamp - 02:07:49 14 - "Finale: A Thousand and One Nights (Reprise)" - 02:10:11 15 - End Credits - 02:10:52


  1. 1:12:15

    I am deceased
  2. If there's ever a stage adaptation of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jeff would make the perfect Dennis.
  3. Aladdin’s entrances are my favorite part of the entire show
  4. I love that aladdin is yust trying to fuck the princess😂 not even liking everything else😂
  6. Apparently draco forgot about the golden rule as he grew up.😂
  7. Take off your clothes is such a clever song, with all the references that only hardcore Disney fans will get. Fantastic.
    Here’s a list of the references in that song for anyone who doesn’t get them:
    “Take off your clothes” - before a whole new world starts in Aladdin and they’re on the balcony, it can be heard in the background Aladdin saying “good teenagers take off your clothes” but lots of people believe it’s saying something else. It just depends what you’re thinking of when you hear it.
    “And a little bit phallic” - referencing the golden tower on the cover of the Little Mermaid DVD. It received complaints because lots of people thought it looked like a penis.
    SFX- The lion king. A hidden word can be seen during ‘can you feel the love tonight’. It looks like it says ‘sex’ but Disney said it was a reference to the sound effects team- SFX.
    “That priest had a boner. No I think it’s just his knees”- The Little Mermaid. The priest marrying Vanessa/Ursula and Eric seems to have a boner under his robes but Disney claims it’s just his huge knobbly knees.
  8. Dylan’s actually hella cute help me
  9. Aladdin then gets his revenge by turning into Sweet Tooth
  10. I think that “those are stretch marks, they happen” should get a lot more credit 😂
  11. "Dude you‘re like half her age!" Says the guy who is 33 and likes a 16 year old...awesome!
  12. This is the best StarKid musical they’ve ever made. Each song is great, the show is well written and paced, the acting is comedic, yet really goes deep in it’s serious moments. Just fantastic. I can remember watching this when it first came out, it seems like yesterday. Time flies
  13. I love how in the original movie people were getting their knickers in a twist about how the Sultan said Praise Allah and here they're saying it as often as possible, I love the deliberate yet subtle humour in this
  14. "You either need to BACK me the FUCK UP...or /shut the fuck up/..."
  15. "You are kind, and that's enough."
    "You're a diamond in the rough."
    That exchange makes me sob like a baby every time T_T
  16. Just finished watching this for the 5th time, still marvellous
  17. The whole Aladdin "take off your clothes" bit references a bunch of Disney subliminal messages.
    -In the Aladdin film there is a scene where in the background you can hear his voice say "take off your clothes".
    -On the first poster (or vhs cover) for little mermaid, one of the towers was literally just a teal colored dick.
    --Also when her and Eric get married it looks like the priest has a boner for a second.
    -In the Lion King, when Simba flops on the ground frustrated, after talking to Timon and Pumba about the stars, the pollen/leaves/whatever that are kicked up spell out what looks like SEX as they float towards rafiki. (disney claimed is was actually SFX for special effects).
  18. I liek this version better. its more realistic
  19. I love this! It's hilarious!

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