Tracer VS Scout (Overwatch VS Team Fortress 2) | DEATH BATTLE!

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

There’s a new scout in town, and the old cream of the crop has some competition! Can the Scout’s experience and wacky tactics take down the high-speed finesse of Tracer? Two will enter, but only one will live. Click to Subscribe: Love DEATH BATTLE? Watch episodes early by becoming a Sponsor on! Click here for a FREE 30 day trial: We greatly appreciate your support! Like ScrewAttack on FACEBOOK: Follow ScrewAttack on TWITTER: CREDITS Wiz/Showrunner: Ben Singer - Boomstick: Chad James - Writer/Project Lead: Nick Cramer - Animator: Torrian Crawford - Editor: Gerardo Mejia – Voice of Tracer: Elsie Lovelock - Voice of Scout: Alexander Gross - Casting & Voice Direction: Marissa Lenti - Battle Announcer: Christopher Guerrero - Stuff you should do: ►We have a book for you to read and stuff: ►Watch our stuff early: ►Our store: ►Look how social we are: ScrewAttack on FACEBOOK: ScrewAttack on TWITTER: ►Stalk the crew on Twitter: Craig - Chad - Ben - Shaun - Nick - Sam - ► Watch our other shows Watch GameAttack - Watch DBX - Watch DEATH BATTLE! - Watch ScrewAttack Top 10's - Watch our podcast SideScrollers - Watch Five Fun Facts - Watch One Minute Melee - Watch The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Watch The Best Ever -


  1. 75% of comments- all the tf2 fanboys saying that scout should have one
    24% of comments- people saying the battle was unfair
    1% me: uh neat
  2. This is biased.
    Scout is better in every way possible.
  3. jesse death battle, you kinda droped the ball on this one...
  4. Tracer is sexy
  5. I main tracker on Overwatch so hell yeah I'm glad she won!!!
  6. this is so wrong i demand a rematch cause can tracer reverse only three sec because thats moving her position and even if she did reverse for 15 seconds thats not the entire fight so...

    also scout could have used MAJOR COMBOS LIKE INSTA KILL COMBOS like the force of nature combined with sand man like WAHT
  7. If scout had the Boston basher she'd be dead in one hit
  8. Welp, this was controversial
  9. Scout is sexy?
  10. scout should win. no reaserch
  11. Whats the battle music called?
  12. So glad tracer won, and i think she deserves it
  13. If scout had random crits this wouldn't even have time to be a match.
  14. That was hardly fair, tbh
  15. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  16. Do mei vs pryo
  17. Tracer is the best
  18. Scout would have beat Tracer. Death Battle Didnt Get Their Facts Right this time.
  19. Scout would of won
  20. The french translation is AWFUL !! It doesn't lean anything !

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