Top 10 Chuck E Cheese Animatronic Malfunctions | Chuck E. Cheese History

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*NEW VIDEO* - Evolution of Talking Animatronic Disney Characters- Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are great entertainment centers that offer fun for the whole family! After the Disney animatronic malfunctions and your suggestions, here is some Chuck E Cheese history and the top 10 Chuck E Cheese Animatronic Malfunctions from Chuck E Cheese restaurants across North America. One of the main draws of the Chuck e Cheese restaurants has been its animatronic figures with the Chuck E Cheese Show. Some Showbiz Pizza Place restaurants had it’s own animatronic show, and they were converted to the Chuck E Cheese character animatronics. A lot of the animatronics are now showing their age and wear. *** DON"T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄ ►LAST VIDEO: Top 10 Disney Animatronic Malfunctions- *Have a video you want to share? Submit it here!* ► ◄ Original Chuck E. Cheese Malfunction Full-Videos #10-Chuck E Cheese FAIL!!! - Lima, Ohio #9- Chuck E. Cheese's: "Fun For All"-March 2017-Attleboro, MA (Broken Show) #8- Pasqually Mustache Fail: #7- Helen Henny preforming without her lower jaw: Helen Henny preforming without the back of her head: #6- Show 4 2016 Glitches: Out of this World! Pizzacam Edition! Richmond VA CEC: #5- Chuck E Cheese Character: #4 Out of this World! Pizzacam Edition! Richmond VA CEC: #3- Chuck E Cheese!: #2- Chuck E Cheese and Pasqually//1970’s//Burlington: #1- Chuck e cheese: Bonus: Chuck E Cheese | Most Epic Fail | Most Epic Mouse | Norwalk, CA: Intro Videos Used Rockafire band: Showbiz Pizza commercial from the mid-80s: 1982 Chuck E Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre Commercial: Chuck E. Cheese Commercial (1996): Chuck e cheese removal show: Chuck E. Cheese's show 1 2017 "Remember That Time":


  1. NEW VIDEO!--Top 10 Star Wars Jedi Training Disney Fails Part 2: Chuck it out! ;)
  2. I always though that chucky cheese was creepy sooo I never went out for my birthday
  3. 2:02 ingited chica
  4. The a animatronic knows!! Its sentient and alive!!!!!
  5. And wth did that kid do?
  6. Lol looks like a idiot 3:33
  7. U mean vaughn location
  8. I watch this twice every day
  9. Number 5 is wierd and its not a malfunction
  10. At 4:51 reminds me of withered Chica
  11. 2:05

    Haha, Look at chucky he looks so.. Just Terrified look at his face! 😂😂😂😂
  12. Talking about fnaf
  13. 2:33 which is more scary the kid screaming or the animatronic? (It's fnaf all over again)
  14. 2:11 chucky was just staring into her sole
  15. Chuckles head when around the wored
  16. Omg! I NEVER know the real fnaf.
    A wont to be killd of a a Aninatronic!
  17. Helen without a jaw is so scary
  18. Im sad i wasn't born in the time they had animatronic shows right now at my chuck e. Cheeses theres one on stage that is horrific and it stares at you and i hide under the tables when it does😣
  20. its like fnaf but thats one is actrully real its not a game

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