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Rolls-Royce pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe and competitive solutions to meet our planet's vital power needs. Find out how a Rolls-Royce turbofan engine works


  1. And massively polluting the air.
  2. 温暖化の元凶は 飛行機だな
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  5. China is watching 😂
  6. So if there is a hot burn inside the jet engine, where is the cone of flame you show in your animation?
    This is never seen, even when an airliner is taking off at night.
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  9. Mikoyan guervich perfected it
  10. Interesting video. Thanks for posting it. Nevertheless, after all the troubles with the Trent 1000 engines in recent years it seems to me Rolls-Royce's repute as "one of the world's leading engineering companies" unfortunately is somewhat at stake. I have no doubts Rolls-Royce once deserved the title "best company in the world" on making engines, but that was back in the days of pistons and fantastic engines such as the Merlin, which I think we all should still be very thankful to Rolls-Royce for. I hope you'll succeed in fixing the problems with your current engines, so that your excellent aim for creating better power for a changing world can be achieved. Best of luck!
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  15. The jet exhaust exits the annular ring around where it is shown to exit in the center . 🤨 how manny people caught it🤷‍♂️
  16. The animation is wrong 🤣🤣the engineers need to proof the IT guys before posting this crap
  17. Is the animation wrong? It shows the exhaust in the center instead of annular out of the outer ring🤨 I’m I wrong???
  18. 0:57 The animation is wrong. The exhaust doesn't exist in the middle as a solid stream but rather from through the annular section at the rear.
    As you can see at 1:04 there is a metal cone were the exhaust is previously shown to exit, and the annular exhaust nozzle is seen around it.
  19. What about the Olympus
  20. C,est mécanique moderne sont des merveilles

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