Race Bazadaise

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

L'élevage de Nathalie Morlot est le premier dans le Bazadais à disposer d'une certification bio. Un choix de qualité lié à une volonté d'élever dans les règles d'un art absolu. Visite de la propriété et rencontre avec des éleveurs passionnés.


  1. La meilleure viande du Mondes
  2. bonne vidéo j'aime beaucoup cette race sa fais un peu rever
  3. This would be the breed for diary beef improvement, its already proven in world markets and would fit the Angus breeding sales program producing Black when bred to Dairy cattle! As a calm breed they increase safety in the field and improve meat quality for the organic industry. Everyone knows stressed beef is tough and has chemical changes , resulting in texture changes as well as taste.
  4. As the only American interested in the breed Basadaise it saddens me that Americans are going to be so far behind in world production of this breed which offers the traits for the changing world beef market.
  5. In English please....Lets say the meat is tasty, nice texture, is lean and cooks well in a short time. The cows have a good temperment and offer calving ease. They are known as the poor man's cow and is one reason they have not been represented well. America really missed this breed.

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