Part 4-B - Gulliver's Travels Audiobook by Jonathan Swift (Chs 07-12)

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

Part 4B - Chapters 7-12. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Lizzie Driver. Playlist for Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels free audiobook at Librivox: Gulliver's Travels free eBook at Project Gutenberg: Gulliver's Travels at Wikipedia: View a list of all our videobooks:


  1. nice...
  2. the whole part of part 4 is about criticizing humans urghhh he is comparing human to a horse humans are the greatest the most powerful because of their reason the hoyunhims are incomparable to human swift is afool
  3. Lol
  4. Movies should fine
  5. @spikeymotor That's the most ridiculous statement you've ever said, about how noody likes books. But on a different note, why does these videos keep popping up on my search results of KH3D!?
  6. umad bro
  7. What are you talking about I don't like it, ok the guy spent a lot of time on it, but it is like a book and nobody likes books
  8. Wer schatt sic das so ewig an das schaut doch keiner komplett
  9. Annoying!
  10. ساستمع له لتعلم الانكليزيه
  11. Tengo que fumar de mota porque este video es muy aburrido.
  12. man is das öde
  13. AMazing video i subscribed!

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