McLintock 1963 - FREE MOVIE! - Best Quality - Western/Comedy/Romance: With Subtitles

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"He likes his whiskey hard... His women soft... And his west all to himself! - He tamed the West... But Could He Tame Her?" A thousand THANK YOUS if you support my work on Patreon. It takes a lot of time, effort and computer life in order to do this. The more that is received the greater amount of improved films will be made available on this channel. I owe you let me know what kind of films you would like and I will do my best to get them uploaded for you to watch! MCLINTOCK! Short Summary - Wealthy rancher G.W. McLintock uses his power and influence in the territory to keep the peace between farmers, ranchers, land-grabbers, Indians and corrupt government officials. MCLINTOCK! Full Synopsis - George Washington McLintock, "GW" to friends and foes alike, is a cattle baron and the richest man in the territory. He anxiously awaits the return of his daughter Becky who has been away at school for the last two years. He's also surprised to see that his wife Katherine has also returned. She had left him some years before without really explaining what he had done, but she does make the point of saying that she's returned to take their daughter back to the State Capitol with her. GW is highly respected by everyone around him, including the farmers who are pouring into the territories with free grants of land and the Indians who are under threat of being relocated to another reservation. Between his wife, his headstrong daughter, the crooked land agent and the thieving government Indian agent, GW tries to keep the peace and do what is best for everyone. Directed by - Andrew V. McLaglen. Produced by - Michael Wayne Written by - James Edward Grant. Music by - De Vol. Cinematography - William H. Clothier. Edited by - Otho Lovering and Bill Lewis. Starring - John Wayne as George Washington "G.W." McLintock, Maureen O'Hara as Katherine McLintock, Patrick Wayne as Devlin Warren Stefanie Powers as Becky McLintock, Jack Kruschen as Jake Birnbaum, Chill Wills as Drago, Yvonne De Carlo as Louise Warren Jerry Van Dyke as Matt Douglas Jr., Edgar Buchanan as Bunny Dull Perry Lopez as Davey Elk, Strother Martin as Agard, Gordon Jones as Matt Douglas, Robert Lowery as Gov. Cuthbert H. Humphrey, Hank Worden as Curly Fletcher, Michael Pate as Puma, Bruce Cabot as Ben Sage, Sr., Edward Faulkner as Ben Sage, Jr., Mari Blanchard as Camille Leo Gordon as Jones, Chuck Roberson as Sheriff Jeff Lord Bob Steele as Train Engineer, Aissa Wayne as Alice Warren "Big" John Hamilton as Fauntleroy Sage, H.W. Gim as Ching McLintock 1963 - Best Quality: Western/Comedy - With Subtitles


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