JEM 2014 : Shawn Flarida et son cheval Spooks Gotta Whiz remportent la victoire

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence


  1. Here is Spooks Gotta Whiz at 11 years old. He is sound, strong, and very well cared for at the breeding farm. Video taken October 23rd, 2017.
  2. If only you guys knew what happens at the ranch who owns him...the training is boarder line abuse. Horses with bone spurs, beat in the face, ridden on tender hooves....sad. I work there.
  3. I'm fascinated by this... Annnd this type of riding has been done for years and years and I've heard no big problems with it! Did you know the moves in dressage are the same moves a horse does to impress each other in the wild! None educated horse ppl bug me!!
  4. To everyone posting negative comments, not all western riding is rough on the horses, besides english is not any better. Cross country is way rougher than this and has a way higher problem rate then reining. Most male western riders are larger, Spooks is big enough to handle it. All reining horses take a moment to recover that involves lots of uneasy shifting after the spin, even with a rider like Stacy Westfall aboard. I do not personally know how Flarida trains so can't speak as to that but as a rule a horse is not gonna put up with being abused if Spooks was scared it'd be way more evident, this horse and Flarida work well together and are happy partners the owner herself said it. 
  5. I hate western riding. So hard for the horse's legs !!
  6. Shawn Flarida is so amazing. Baby looks amazing as always.

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