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Watch four members of Tate staff share their experiences of working at a gallery and top career tips. From digital and design, to learning and marketing, explore various routes in to working in the creative sector. Discover more careers advice from Tate: 16-25? Join Tate Collective for discounts, free events and opportunities across Tate: Subscribe for weekly films:


  1. It's one of my dreams to work here one day, having been obsessed with museums/galleries/etc since I was able to understand what a museum was. I hope I'll get there one day :)
  2. If you are working class and don't live in London ... forget it. The powers that be in the art world regularly commission reports that come to the conclusion that the majority of work and opportunities in the arts are taken up by the middle and upper middle classes. They do a little bit of hand-wringing about it (to seem concerned). As long as they expect people to work for free they will only get those who are young and supported by well-off parents .. this totally excludes the working classes. The further up the ladder past degree you go the more expensive it gets to be an artist ... most working class people are totally excluded ... I personally think that these prestigious art institutions like it this way and know exactly what they are doing. Tate, I hope you are listening! But I doubt it ... and how about a Tate in the North East ???? Liverpool is not the North East and is quite a travel!
  3. Seems everyone has to be younger than 30 these days to have a decent job...
  4. How is it ok to not study art? Such hypocrisy. The people that study art, are artists and are not given opportunistic to expand their field. People that have no studies, get the carpet rolled out to them. Making work ready individuals should not be about turning people into poster boys and girls just so that you can get funded by Government. Get funding to make people skilled is good, but destroying people’s life’s because of equality is unfair and unsustainable.
  5. Subtitulos en español :c
  6. Should be called, like, 'How I got my, like, job, like, at Tate.'
  7. I wouldn’t want to work there lol
  8. Is this supposed to serve as an indictment? 😓
  9. You have to be , like, painfully middle class to , like, get a , like, job on the Tate team.
  10. So you have to be rich. Who could've guessed.
  11. "then when I wasn't working for free, I made my own work, I didn't have to go to the Jobcentre and get my benefits stopped"
  12. "basically, I did an internship (an unpaid job in London where cost of living is £20k p.a. to live in poverty)"
  13. Oh man, when I used to study in uni, I always used to dream about working in Arnolfini or Tate Modern but was so terrified of approaching.

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