Hillary Clinton adopts a southern drawl

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Sen. Hillary Clinton adopts a southern drawl while speaking in Selma, AL.


  1. Lol and Hillary wonders why she lost most of the southern states lol
  2. I've never heard anyone talk like this! What a racist pos.
  3. I think she had a little stroke, that woman's not right
  4. Imma bout to puke, she sound like a darn fool.
  5. I feel bad for her voters. She's as fake as they come. And she plays to get the black vote? Why ain't black people getting offended at this. She's mocking your voice and the way you talk. I guess this cool right?
  6. What a phoney! I think the US dodged a bullet.
  7. I'm starting to feel sick, that has got to be the worst fake southern accent ever
  8. what a vile whore
  9. Faker than my enthusiasm when dealing with clients at work.
  10. Sounds like grandpa when he gets his catheter stuck in his ass
  11. Stupid bitch
  12. Such bull - as is everthing about her. Sounds like a female forest gump.
  13. What a pandering m***********. Too bad the black vote won't go to her anymore. Democrats are done put a fork in them. Remember who said the terms super predator. Grandma clinton.....
  14. D:
  15. This is downright offensive. Might as well put on blackface and come to Memphis. "Ayy wassup mah homies, we be tryna get yo votes and sheeit". It sounds more like she is mocking us than trying to make a legitimate connection with potential voterbases.
  16. Pandering ass b**
  17. dumb whore
  18. I was there that day.
  19. I've seen people sent to looney bins for less. A lucky bag is where she evolved from.
  20. I don't see Liberals whining about her because "Culture appropriation"

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