GTA 4 Beta Version and Removed Content - Hot Topic #13

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. Why do they always add snow, only to take it away! Smh, it's New York for Christ sake's it's basically Connecticut.
  2. l'opus 5 est vraiment pas terrible, map vraiment pas terrible, mission pas terrible, music pas terrible, et la physique, repiration, mouvement etc vraiment pas terrible, dommage, c'est un sacré gachi
  3. why are you talking like that bro lol speak naturally

    17:34: lol
  4. Ah shit here we go again with a another episode of hot topic
  5. 11:44 yeah i was pay attention :D especially his face when he launch missile and niko very look like jason statham too
  6. 29:15 You speak Serbian bad as Michael Hollick. Zastava Sedamdeset M(70)
  7. Modding on PC has helped loads!
  8. Y'know nice video quality but vadim is prenounced vadeem
  9. In the mission ruff Ryder I killed dwayne's ex and after the mission there is a little dialogue between niko and Dwayne when Dwayne asks to niko if he is really sure that he killed the girl.
    This game as secret details and i think the game is better than gta 4 in all points except map and graphics
  10. I remember reading an article of someone who got to play a beta version of the game. They talked about Niko climbing a telephone pole and glancing at the city.
  11. I miss the GTA IV online free mode.
    Disable traffic, disable cops, airport setting.
    We'd all start off on bikes crossing each other on the 'two ramps' at the airport with a helicopter in the middle.
    If the two bikes crossing collided in mid-air, you'd fall onto the copter 'blades of death' below.

    Then we'd all take turns flying to the opposite corner of the map, getting Sultan RS's and speeding them back with no traffic or cops to get in the way.
    We'd have drag races accross the big bridge connecting the airport island to the center island heading to star junction.

    Then we'd all get Dundreary Admirals, and drive around sensibly for half an hour. All in a pack, following the trafffic lights. Just for the hell of it.
    Then one player would be in a cop car. He'd whoop the sirens, and you'd pull over, for a bit of role play.

    And after that, someone would find that massive tug boat, and start cruising around in it. Blasting the steam whistle around the airport, and everyone would come over to have a look.

    GTA IV was way better online.
    Everyone just got on and had a laugh. That was until one of the dreaded 'KSA' players joined, and started shooting everyone for no reason, like a crazy middle eastener.
    To this day I don't know what 'KSA' meant. You just knew that if your game got too many, everyone would disconnect. But usually they were kicked out straight away.

    I also loved helicopter battles - No shoooting the guns.
    Just literally ramming each other in the sky with helicopters. The aim was to destroy their tail first, so they spin out of control, and then use the bottom of your copter to take out their main rotor, making them fall to their death.
    Whoever won would go and pick up the health in the corner of the airport, and wait while the other got another helicopter.

    But you'd always have that 'one' player who would get an RPG and wait on top of the aircraft hangar above the helicopters, killing anyone who tried to get a helicopter.
    They'd literally stay on top of that building for a good two hours, just waiting sometimes.

    Man, just the physics of the cars and the crashes was enough to keep me entertained for hours straight.
    I remember I was at full speed in a fire truck, just come off the bridge headed to star junction. A player on a moped wasn't paying attention, and pulled out right in front of me. I blasted the horn, but *wham*. the moped went flying and the player was obliterated.
    We were both laughing so hard on the headsets I was almost throwing up.

    The same often happened with busses - I remember riding a bike accross the bridge, only to see an oncoming bus.
    He stayed in his lane, and put on his high beams to warn me he wasn't stopping.
    Just for a laugh, I did a head on collision. Instant death. But what made it so funny was the fact the player controlling the bus blasted the horn and slammed on the brakes. Making it look like a real life accident.
    As the screen went black and white, and I was waiting to respawn, I saw the player who was driving the bus get out and run over to me dead character to have a look.

    Just little things like that made it so much fun.
    yeah... GTA V got nothing on IV.
  12. GTA 4 had greater passion pit into the game compared to GTA5.
  13. why can't everyone enjoy GTA IV like they enjoy V and SA
  14. Y this man sound like snoop dogg
  15. Russian music-good!
  16. Beta Romans face says “I just did a shit of cocaine, now take me to McDonald’s”😂😂😂😂😂
  17. There are renders of the female cop from one of the dev's portfolios.

    Also I think the removed land mass from North Alderney can be seen in a calendar texture from TBoGT. It is in the background of the casino.
    Dialogue between the Twat internet cafe worker and Niko is very interpersonal, implying a relationship between the two, but the game never does anything more than this.
    Bus stop signs feature a white bus, and early previews mentioned a bus schedule.
    NOOSE Patriot was originally branded with LCPD logos/livery.
    Tons of reflection maps with early screenshots of the game.
  18. Sad roman dies when you choose money
  19. It's not a masterpiece
  20. They should fuse both ideas. The beta and the final game should fuse and a election what could be in should be maked in a ps4/Xbox 1 version. In my opinion better as a gta 6

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