GTA 4 Beta Version and Removed Content - Hot Topic #13

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. Im guessing were going wait until rockstar stop supporting gta v to get a GTA V beta & unreleased content im ok with that unless he does when he feels like which i also ok with i always patience
  2. I would buy at first a gta 4 remaster when gta 6 going the way as gta 5 then it is the fuck i hope it has a turn to gta 4. No flying bikes or cars just the 90's or a game that holds on todays physics.
  3. where can i find the removed beta cars shown at 29:55
  4. The assasin missions are like gta5
  5. Музыка из бумера :))₽
  6. Pretty sure my game did had a DS store
  7. enters a laundry shop says" i have a message from vlad .. fUck yOU i cAll poliCE
  8. 0:00 (Oh shit !) Here we go again...
  9. Best gta ever
  10. 14:49

    the current state of US politics
  11. It seems like the N.O.O.S.E first had M16's judging by the artwork.
  12. Gta mailman i saw him in my game
  13. 5:16 you can see the twin from gta vice city on the graffiti but its not there anymore.
  14. the only thing I hate about GTA IV is its brown environment .
  16. Not an accurate New York City you don’t get mugged every day
  17. Actually the real reason planes weren’t usable was bc of controversy over the 9/11 attacks bc the game was taken place in Liberty City or NYC
  18. You know, RcokStar allways push the boundaries, and they have to lower it every time...
  19. The voice actor look like pink guy when he does the voice
  20. 15:16
    T H I C C

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