Funny Motorcycle Harley V-Rod Crash! - Euro Muscle Man Attempts to Save Face In Front of Audience

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Funny Parts are - Man wipes out tries not to show he is hurt - Gives a random person his helmet to hold - Kid in black shirt is denied fist bump and almost has bike topple on him by not putting the kick stand down - pieces are everywhere including the seat (which does not seem to be attached very well to begin with) - Kid ***Finally gets Fist bump*** - granny comes to check on the big dude - Dude rides away on the limiter while the crowd cheers??!?!? -- At the very end of the video in the lower right hand corner theres a lady with black hair that is like "Nope... Psshshhhh"


  1. Fucker shows off his abs at 1:22 like he’s cool shit 🍌
  2. Big muscle is big stupid
  3. Looolc
  4. A macho with a bike is not a motorrider.
  5. Chi cade in moto può accompagnare solo
  6. "Può accompagnare solo"
  7. So there you have it - get yourself into debt by buying a Harley, take steroids, irreversibly damage your skin on a sunbed and you too can attract a fat boy.
  8. Why did he dump the bike anyway he wasnt doing shit
  9. Juiced up douche on a Harley yet alone a v rod what a douche haha
  10. We can all agree right that the real problem was that fanny pack!! Lol🤣
  11. He try to get some chick attention and this happens 😂😂😂
  12. Whats so funny about someone getting hurt? Everyone has a bad day. Just last week i pulled my dyna lowrider out of storage. While sitting on it i put kick stand down , but it didnt lock and the friggin bike fell on my foot. Man that hurt.
  13. Could have taken out spectators , whewww
  14. Where was his helmet. I didnt think it was worn but when he got up it was in his hand , kinda like magic
  15. trou du cul
  16. Mabe if l bounce it off the rev limiter theyll forget how stupid l looked
  17. Dumb fuck
  18. Hey, I'm not gonna make fun of this guy. I lowsided on a wet, twisty, hilly, foggy, dark, and cold road like this myself once.
  19. What causes this to happen?
  20. I dodnt know stupid fucks rode VRods. Bummer for bike

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