Funny Motorcycle Harley V-Rod Crash! - Euro Muscle Man Attempts to Save Face In Front of Audience

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Funny Parts are - Man wipes out tries not to show he is hurt - Gives a random person his helmet to hold - Kid in black shirt is denied fist bump and almost has bike topple on him by not putting the kick stand down - pieces are everywhere including the seat (which does not seem to be attached very well to begin with) - Kid ***Finally gets Fist bump*** - granny comes to check on the big dude - Dude rides away on the limiter while the crowd cheers??!?!? -- At the very end of the video in the lower right hand corner theres a lady with black hair that is like "Nope... Psshshhhh"


  1. Juiced up douche on a Harley yet alone a v rod what a douche haha
  2. We can all agree right that the real problem was that fanny pack!! Lol🤣
  3. He try to get some chick attention and this happens 😂😂😂
  4. Whats so funny about someone getting hurt? Everyone has a bad day. Just last week i pulled my dyna lowrider out of storage. While sitting on it i put kick stand down , but it didnt lock and the friggin bike fell on my foot. Man that hurt.
  5. Could have taken out spectators , whewww
  6. Where was his helmet. I didnt think it was worn but when he got up it was in his hand , kinda like magic
  7. trou du cul
  8. Mabe if l bounce it off the rev limiter theyll forget how stupid l looked
  9. Dumb fuck
  10. Hey, I'm not gonna make fun of this guy. I lowsided on a wet, twisty, hilly, foggy, dark, and cold road like this myself once.
  11. What causes this to happen?
  12. I dodnt know stupid fucks rode VRods. Bummer for bike
  13. Ngantuk rek..? Ngopi sek...
  14. keep feet on your pegs in the beginning or loose control due to center of gravity goes higher up when you take your feet off the pegs
  15. My Hero lmao
  16. Coolest retard in a crowd of retards!!
  17. Karizma çizildi
  18. Lul
  19. Don't know what was cringey-er the douche who crashed the bike or the kid who was thirsty for a brofist.
  20. how to be a total douchebag owner of a harley edition

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