Exploring an Abandoned Vintage House - Everything Left Behind

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In this episode we explore an abandoned home full of vintage belongings. It was haunting to see this many personal items left behind and abandoned. http://theproperpeople.com JOIN US ON: http://facebook.com/theproperpeople http://twitter.com/theproperpeople http://instagram.com/theproperpeople https://www.reddit.com/r/theproperpeople https://vid.me/theproperpeople Enjoying our videos? Help us make more by buying a t-shirt: http://theproperpeople.spreadshirt.com Supporting us on Patreon: http://patreon.com/theproperpeople Or shopping through our Amazon affiliate link: https://www.amazon.com/?tag=thepropeo0d-20


  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! If you want to see more of this house, don't miss our cinematic video that we posted last week -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSXc4uwHlKw
  2. Your videos are amazing. Keep up the good work
  3. Wow! Pocket doors.
  4. My house is a five bedroom five bath house with two kitchens
  5. Its just cheaper to pay the taxes and not haul it to storage where if you fall behind in rent, they auction your stuff off for pennies. I would have done the same thing but kept it clean and eventually organized. This place is so overwhelming, Im exhausted just watching. Clearly someone started packing with good intentions then gave up.
  6. It was for sure one lonely elderly person left, you can tell by how the child's bed was made very neat and properly alone. My grandparents just passed about 5-10yrs ago and they did the same, still had the beds in the daughters' bedrooms made exactly the same way (my aunts'). It is depressing watching this one knowing the same fate lies in store for many of us that make it that long in this world. I was stuck in the same situation, there was sooooo much stuff to take, throw away, and donate. If there's only a child or two left out of the lot, I can see why so much was left. Far too much to deal with alone for most of us in today's rat race society.
  7. My temptation in house like that would be to spend a day going threw things like the desk drawers and other personal items to get a sense of who the people where that used to live there and see if I might be able to figure out why they left without taking anything
  8. A LOT of Southern homes have two kitchens.
  9. Place is huge. Sad its in such disrepair.
  10. That plastic drink pitcher in the kitchen isn't old I have one
  11. What would really creep me out is if you found a corpse in a closet or something! You open the door and Viola! Something unpleasant and hideous behind door number 1! That would make me jump out of my shoes and run in the opposite direction fast 💨! And not come back!

    Oh, when you opened the fridge, I expected something nasty and that would be the place for some lunatic to store something unpleasant in order to preserve it, like body parts. God, that would be hideous and disgusting to find some decaying body parts in a Fridge that stopped working. The stench would be Horrific! I’ve watched too many Horror movies but that is what comes to mind first. Dahmer the Cannibal stored a human head in his fridge! When the police came and arrested him finally I heard that the officer who opened the fridge screamed he was so shocked! That would make me scream and give up the Police Force for good. That’s it I’m done! I’m out. I’d be scarred for life with a fright like that! But I digress. You guys have been lucky so far that you haven’t seen anything that unpleasant! Keep up the good work! You guys are good explorers!!
  12. Again this is Madness! Millions of Homeless People sleeping on sidewalks and in Tents and here is a Huge House completely abandoned and empty. This is ridiculous misappropriation of Resources and Priorities. Why didn’t someone buy this House? Was it Condemned? Why? And they were Elvis Fans apparently. All those things in the House sitting there for No One. Insanity! Did the people here pass away suddenly? They left all their items behind like it was suddenly abandoned.
  13. :(
  14. 11:08
    This lady was 26-28 in this picture
    she is now 70 years old and she is dying from cancer
  15. Abandoned houses and buildings everywhere. And yet. The dumb government cant find a way turn these into homes for the homeless
  16. those dolls are Creepy
  17. 3:24 I think I heard someone burp XD
  18. This made me tear up a little.
  19. Was curious about the two pieces of music used in this video. What are they?
  20. I see houses similar to this, a lot. The older relatives die, the family either doesn't care about what is left behind or gets tired of fighting over what's left. It looks like they tried to have a Garage Sale, at one point and it looks like the house was abandoned in stages. Maybe the Father, stayed at the home for a s long as he could before he had to move in with some of the family or a rest-home. That would be m guess based on what we see in the video.

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