Epic Celtic Music Mix - Most Powerful & Beautiful Celtic Music | Vol.1

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. God save the queen
  2. What's the first two things that come to ur mind when u here this?
  3. Everybody here should know there nerds and this is warrior music for men
  4. Makes me proud to be a Scottish

    My family isn't EXTRA, EXTRA Scottish, like living in a blackhouse or something, but these are some things we do that I don't think Americans would do or have:

    - We feed our 7 chickens porridge and fruit.
    - We feed our dogs fresh tripe- all 10 of them every day. Yes. 10.
    - We own a feral cat who we let outside at a very young age, and we had to stroke her with gloves for 3 days and then we trained her up so we could rub her belly and neck, all while she was inside of her cage.
    - We are surrounded by cows and tons of mountains around us, and we even live about 3 miles away from a Viking settlement and 5 or 10 from a beach that is famous for its dragon and dinosaur footprints in the rocks.
    - We are living in a fantasy persons dream world - the Fairy Glen? Yep. Dragons heard in the forests? Yep. LITERALLY, UNICORNS WERE FIRST BORN IN SCOTLAND? Yep.
    - And of course, everyone in our family speaks Scottish slang. I use:

    Fanny! ( A pussy lmao )
    Boorach ( A mess )
    Breeks ( Trousers - or Pants for Americans )
    Wee ( Little )
    Bonnie lass ( Beautiful girl )
    Oy git ( Hey, asshole! )
    I cannae do it ( I can't do it )
    Ye bampot ( You crazy person )

    Oh and a wee Scottish factfile...

    1. Bob isn't a name, it's money. Got a bit of bob to spend at the corner shop?
    2. Eating tablet is not a form of making you feel better. In fact, if you eat too much tablet you'll feel ill. It's sugar and caramel in a block.
    3. Aye doesn't mean someone's suddenly pointing out a part of their face if you're asking a question. It means yes.

    And lastly, a Scottish song I learnt in nursery ( not kindergarten. )

    Three, craws, sat up-on a wa'
    Sat up-on a wa'
    Sat up-on a wa, ah, ah, ah
    Three, craws, sat up-on a wa'
    On a cold and frost-y morrr-nin.

    The first, craw
    Couldn'ae flee at a' x 2
    Couldn'ae flee at a', ah, ah, ah
    The first, craw,
    Couldn'ae flee at a'
    On a cold and frost-y morrr-nin.

    The second, craw
    Wis' greetin' for his maw x 2
    Wi's greetin' for his maw, ah, ah, ah
    The second, craw
    Wis' greetin' for his maw
    On a cold and frost-y morrr-nin.

    The third, craw
    Fell an' broke his jaw x 2
    Fell an' broke his jaw, ah, ah, ah
    The third, craw
    Fell an' broke his jaw
    On a cold and frost-y morrr-nin.

    The fourth, craw
    Wisnae there at a' x 2
    Wisnae there at a', ah, ah, ah
    The fourth, craw
    Wisnae there at a'
    On a cold and frost-y morrr-nin.

    Three, craws, sat up-on a wa'
    Sat up-on a wa'
    Sat up-on a wa, ah, ah, ah
    Three, craws, sat up-on a wa'
    On a cold and frost-y morrr-nin.

    That was long... Oh well
  5. I saw The God of Thunder and I immediately thought about Thor on Asgard
  6. Happy St. Brigid's Day!!! 🔥
  7. This reminded me of some animes...
  8. Is this on itunes
  9. Stand up white people
  10. I played this for my dog.

    He grew two more heads and is now guarding the Gates of Hell
  11. Even reading the comments when listening this is epic
  12. Great...
  13. That first tune is an Irish hop jig called “the butter” fly; I play it on my accordion
  14. I wish I had some Celtic DNA 😌
    Celtic and Italian (Roman) would be great mixed
  15. You gotta live in Boston to understand the spirit of this
  16. I played this to my dog

    Nothing happened
  17. Guau ! 😍☝️
  18. Handing in homework online ten seconds before its due
  19. Our ancestors and their Gods are cheering us on. The eyes of those blind will open! You wanna find your might LOOK BACK LOOK WITHIN!

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