Android 18 VS Captain Marvel (Dragon Ball VS Marvel Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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  1. Uh oh! We realized we didn't calculate Android 18's speed correctly.


    She's actually much faster! While this doesn't affect the results, we'd still like to address this. She can actually travel over 15,300,000 miles per hour.

    Time to show our work! In Dragon Ball, measurable feats are few and far between. For "Goku VS Superman" we developed the Gravity Formula to determine Goku's potential based on gravity training at certain points in the series. It's not perfect or exact, but it's the closest we could get to something concrete while avoiding vague speculation. In the Buu saga near the end of DBZ, Goku at base wears weights equivalent to 586x gravity, so we can apply that as comparison for feats related to other gravity training periods. His flight over Snake Way after 10x gravity training clocked him at 6,800 mph. Thus, after training on Earth (1x gravity) before training with King Kai, he could theoretically move up to around 680 mph. If that seems slow to you, remember this is travel speed & not reaction time.

    In order to determine 18's speed, we can apply the same ideas. She's shown to be physically equal to Vegeta in first-grade Super Saiyan 1 form. She's likely superior, but the difference isn't very apparent and she primarily wins by tiring him out while relying on her unlimited energy source. While we are wary of rudimentary & unrestrained power scaling, Goku & Vegeta are clearly similar enough for us to directly compare without much concern. Prior to fighting 18, Vegeta's training capped at 450x gravity. (We can reasonably assume further gravity increases can be applied to second grade & full power SSJ1 forms, but that's unrelated to this.) Also, a Super Saiyan 1 transformation is well documented to increase a Saiyan's power 50 times that of their Base Form for the duration of the new form's use.

    Therefore, the formula is "680 mph x 50 x 450"
    (Base Saiyan speed at 1x gravity) x (Super Saiyan increase) x (Vegeta's max gravity training at the time)

    And this gives us the answer that Vegeta, during the Android Saga, could travel at least 15,300,000 miles per hour. (24623000 km/hr) Thus, Android 18 should be similar. Keep in mind that the formula obviously takes a simplified look at DBZ physics to avoid presumptuous complications, and the conclusion is ultimately an estimation. Vegeta could be slower than this and 18 is likely faster to some degree. We don't have enough data to pinpoint the exact number. However, we're working with numbers so large at this point that a couple additional ten-thousand-miles-per-hour here or there doesn't really change much, and this is as far as we can get without relying on speculation and assumption. We'd like to apologize about accidentally misrepresenting 18's speed. It certainly wasn't our intention. Luckily, this error doesn't affect the result, which is probably why it was missed in review. We know many fans appreciate their favorite characters being represented correctly, and we'll continue to make that a priority. If you have further questions, we'll answer what we can here or you can direct them to @BenBSinger on Twitter. We should cover this on this week's Death Battle Cast as well. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you enjoy our next episode!
  3. That was satisfying
  4. I think ur team didn't like capt marvel, so only u kill her in all video.
    She's really powerful than Android.
  5. Damn, lost to Shazam and 18. Will Captain Marvel ever get a win?
  6. 18:22 disappointing
  7. Wait but she died at lest 2 time to her and Shazam’s
  8. So... that means 18 could take on Thanos?
  9. I would take Captain Marvel's body
  10. Wait, did they forget she has infinite ki?
  11. This is the worst, number 18 has no chance against Captain Marvel of the comics but of course how they face the UCM wins, I repeat what I said "this is the worst"
  12. I like how they mention 18’s chest bomb as a weakness. but it got taken out at the end of the cell saga🤷🏾‍♂️
  13. These battles are so slanted. I guess A18 can beat superman too😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Just gotta point out that by proxy, this Death Battle means that DC universe > Marvel universe as a whole.

  15. Captain Marvel was OP in end game and it made me mad to see Thor so weak.she wash never as strong as the other characters that the director's made her.... But this does put a smile on my face. 😏
  16. I bet that Marvel backstory isn’t even in the movie. Oh no, we can’t have her work for a guy, she has to be by herself.
  17. Definetly android 18
  18. A fitting end for Captain Marvel.
  19. PoSIbLy EvEn ThE PlAnEt
    CAn DeFlEcT an oBvIouSlY fUll PoWeR SsJb GoKu
    A FuLL pOwEr Ki BlAst ThAt CaN DesTroY a BuIlDiNg
    I swear these guys don’t watch dragon
  20. OK; let's cut the CRAP here, the "android" denomination is Funimation's fault... Toriyama made clear that they were Cyborgs even their names have the C: C17, C18...

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