Andrew Dice Clay - The Evolution Of Dirty Nursery Rhymes

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

In 1984, a small crowd of less than 100 people didn't know what to make of a chain-smoking, 50s greaser-throwback turning beloved Mother Goose nursery rhymes into offensively dirty poems about sex. Within a few years Andrew Dice Clay's popularity increased and his audiences, getting as large as 20,000 people, laughingly knew every word of his "poems" in some of the biggest crowd-participations ever afforded a stand-up comedian. People loved the nursery rhymes and Dice reciprocated and truly appreciated his audience.


  1. "I gotta couple ah new PO-ems. Oh they get FUCKin better"
  2. Was never a fan. Did not think this man was funny,
  3. The delicate and gentle legend that is Dice
  4. The same material for years!
  5. He is brilliant.. Soo funny
  6. Perfect delivery in 1989, keep coming back for his intonations alone
  7. Lol legend
  8. Dice was the man back then!!! He was a rock star comic.
  9. And he gets paid for this?
  10. It was funnier in the 80's when it was all new.
  11. First time I saw the Diceman was in Brainsmasher.
  12. Where was that first clip from? It interesting to see the early versions of the 'poems'. Not mention he's actually smoking (from 1988 onward he mostly just mimes smoking).
  13. A comedy master at work. M
  14. In 2019 half the audience would get triggered , offended and would leave to go for therapy
  15. Have to wear my dice shirt to the next woman's day march
  16. Girls love an asshole... my hero
  17. Due to the #MeToo movement soon this video will be banned from YouTube.
  18. Love dice
  19. He was banned from everywhere except Satellite radio
  20. Lame

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