Andrew Dice Clay - The Evolution Of Dirty Nursery Rhymes

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In 1984, a small crowd of less than 100 people didn't know what to make of a chain-smoking, 50s greaser-throwback turning beloved Mother Goose nursery rhymes into offensively dirty poems about sex. Within a few years Andrew Dice Clay's popularity increased and his audiences, getting as large as 20,000 people, laughingly knew every word of his "poems" in some of the biggest crowd-participations ever afforded a stand-up comedian. People loved the nursery rhymes and Dice reciprocated and truly appreciated his audience.


  1. Hickory Dickory Dock some chic was s@$&$&@ my &@$*... The clock struck 2 she dropped my goo I dumped the B on the next block! Oh!! End of Story!
  2. DICE is The King!!
  3. The cigarette relaxed him no doubt. And obviously part of his get up too.
  4. 3:43 Ohhhh.... (what the f***)’re unbelievable
  5. He is the man FACT
  6. The reactions from the audience at the end are the best part of the whole video lol.
  7. I had a tape of one of his shows I used to listen to when I was a kid. Me and my friends would fucken die laughing. If my parents had ever caught me with it oh man would I have gotten my ass beat!!
  8. Each new clip, the amount of studs on his leather jacket increases by x100
  9. I Needed the money
  10. Lame ass. can't write new material.
  11. Classic! Luv the dice man!
  12. Such a shame that Clay was such a horrible, piece of human garbage who could only find his fame by picking on minorities and women instead of actually using his platform for something other than entertaining 13-17 year old boys.
  13. He totally ripped off Vinnie Barbarino
  14. Can u image this guy on social media at his prime
  15. “Unbelievable....UUN-fucking-be-lie-va-ble”!
  16. Not my type of comedy, BUT if he was in a
    Movie, he would be unforgettable.
  17. 5:19 someone shouts

    “And your mother?!”

    The crowd shouts

    “We fucked her!”
  18. Jesus why is my generation like fuckin Voldemort to u people y’all are unbelievable also half the shit on Netflix now is comedians so go smoke a cigarette and relax jeeez
  19. Here's to you sucking my dick!

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